About Justin Paget

Based in Cambridge, Justin Paget is an accomplished multi international award winning creative photographer who has worked with local, national and international brands, creating images that are used across a variety of media.

His work has a unique, vivid and timeless style and spans several genres of photography including portraiture, creative and architectural projects, but all sitting comfortably within a consistent Justin Paget brand.

Justin has an extensive stock library of images, represented by Corbis Images Premium RM Collections, many of which have graced magazines, book covers, greetings cards and billboards and featured in advertising campaigns, on television and charity appeals.

Recently winning an award in the PDN 2013 Annual and two Honourable Mentions in the 2013 International Photography Awards has given Justin's work high profile industry recognition. His winning series showcased the strength, beauty and resolve of a woman as she endures treatment, and eventually a mastectomy, after a breast cancer diagnosis. This prestigious award has recently thrown Justin's work into the limelight but is also testament to his ability to capture the emotion and depth of a subject in a photograph.

As well as his passion for telling a story or evoking an emotion through capturing people, situations and homes on camera, such a variety of shoots also afford Justin the opportunity to show his sense of humour and love of his family and their dogs Boo and Buzz.

His exemplary standard of creative photography has earned Justin the highly regarded position as Image Quality Inspector for a leading International Stock Agency.

Justin also enjoys delivering bespoke corporate photography training, having tailored courses for clients from property professionals to canine carers at the Dogs Trust, developing their skills to improve their in-house photography.